Heroku – How to Setup on local

To Setup Heroku on local machine we first need to add the heroku gem using,

 gem install heroku 

then we need to add heroku plugins using,

 heroku plugins:install git://github.com/ddollar/heroku-accounts.git 

we then need to add heroku account using,

 heroku accounts:add project --auto 

where “project” can be any name that’s meaningful to you, the name is only used locally.

We can add multiple heroku accounts using the above command, now we need to set
the newly created account using,

 heroku accounts:set project 

we can use the above command to switch between different accounts.

Now we need to create heroku which would add heroku as one of our git remote repositories using,

 heroku create 

we remove this newly created remote heroku repo since its currently not linked to any heroku projects using,

 git remote rm heroku 

and replace it with the heroku project we need to track using,

 git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:example.git 

where “example” is the name of your Heroku project.

Now the heroku project is linked to our local project and we can push our code to heroku using,

 git push heroku master 

The following are few additional command which would be useful for different process,

To check heroku configuration,

 heroku config 

To check heroku logs

 heroku logs --tail 

To run migrations on heroku,

 heroku run rake db:migrate 

To run heroku console,

 heroku run console 

To restart heroku,

 heroku restart 

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