rails authentication: authlogic to devise

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Are you using authlogic for authentication purpose in your rails application and now want to switch to Devise?

Overview of Authlogic:

  user = User.find_by_email('test2@endpoint.com')
  actual_password = "password"
  digest = "#{actual_password}#{user.salt}"
  20.times { digest = Digest::SHA512.hexdigest(digest) }
  # compare digest and user.crypted_password here to verify password

Note that the stretches value for Authlogic defaults to 20, but it can be adjusted. Also note that Authlogic uses the SHA-512 hash function by default.
For password, it adds ‘password_hash’ and ‘password_salt’ columns, to store those encrypted values.

Devise: Devise uses ‘bcrypt’ algorithm and has ‘encrypted_password’  column.

Now the challenge was to migrate old users with their passwords, so that they can login with their existing email and password.

So its pretty much easy with following steps:

1. Have a look at devise documentation. Devise has provided a nice detailed documentation with proper steps and examples.
Devise Doc

2. In your gemfile


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